The Nursing Theorist

Dr. Katharine Kolcaba, RN
Founder of Comfort Theory in Nursing
66yrs old/ Female/Married
Birthdate: December 28, 1944
Email address:;
Present address:  Chagrin Falls, Ohio

            PhD RN BC CPAN CAPA
            Diploma, St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing, 1965
            RN/MSN Case Western Reserve University, 1987
            PhD. Nursing Case Western Reserve University, 1997

Employment History:
1. Co-Chair of the Theory Development Research Section
            Midwest Nursing Research Society
2. Semi retired from The University of Akron
            Position: Associate Professor of Nursing, Emeritus Status
3. Consultant, The Comfort Line

Fields of Expertise:
1. Gerontology
2. End of Life and Long Term Care Interventions
3. Comfort Studies
4. Instrument Development
5. Nursing Theory
6. Nursing Research
7. Magnet Status
 8. Enhancing the Work Environment for Nurses

Board Memberships and Affiliations
 Founder, Comfort Theory in Nursing

The Comfort Theory
            Dr. Kolcaba’s theory was deliberated in women with third stage breast cancer undergoing radiation and chemotherapies. Since then she further tested her theory with studies enhancing the comfort of patients undergoing urinary incontinence and those nearing end of life. Her target audiences for her theory are: Gerontological Nursing, HIV/AIDS, Holistic Nursing/Complimentary Therapies, Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Research and Theory, Oncology Nursing/ Malignancies, Palliative and Hospice Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Skilled Nursing/Extended Care and Rehab Nursing, Spiritual Care, Symptom Management.

            During her spare time, Dr. Kolcaba indulges herself into gardening as well as photography and reading.  She finds joy in visiting her two daughters and her 8 grandchildren.  She continues to advocate towards a healthy process of aging as she does walking and work out everyday. 

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